Financial Advocacy for people with a learning disability

I have previously posted the 20 benefits of working with Dosh Ltd however because we are constantly evolving as a company and as a team I thought I should update our Top 20:

  1. Everything we do revolves around supporting people to be more independent and have more control over their money (it is both our mission and our vision statement)
  2. Our Financial Advocates become a member of a person’s Circle of Support
  3. Our Financial Advocates know the people they support because they live locally to them – our Financial Advocates come from Benefits or a Banking Background and are selected for their values.
  4. Our policies and procedures have been checked and approved by people with a learning disability (they all appear in an easy read format)
  5. People with a learning disability have set the Financial Standards (‘Dosh Promise’) which Dosh work to and report on at peoples Annual Reviews – please check out this promise on
  6. For people who are not Dosh customers we are able to do periodical ‘Money Checks’ more info on these checks is at Shop4Support or contact me for further details –
  7. Dosh policies, procedures, guidance books and tools are all in an easy read format
  8. Dosh accept ‘Easy Read’ commissions from organisations and local authorities for their letters, documents, policies and procedures
  9. Care and support providers will be able to pass on the responsibility to Dosh for keeping up to date on changes in the Welfare Benefits such as transfer to PIP and Universal Credit – Dosh will share these changes and keep you up to date through with our free quarterly newsletter  – check out the latest edition
  10. Dosh share free stuff: research papers, new guidance books, quarterly newsletter/pack
  11. Dosh operate and share their Best Interest Decision Process – we can support providers with: check lists, step-by-step guides, templates and training from our Financial Advocate on the Best Interest Decision process and financial best practice
  12. Dosh prioritise financial safeguarding working closely with care and support providers
  13. Dosh will support providers with their tenders
  14. Dosh will support providers with their personalisation strategy and will share their experiences and knowledge in Individual Budgets, Individual Support Funds, Direct Payments – Dosh now offer Self Directed Support (SDS) training
  15. Dosh maximise people’s benefits, recover back payments for peoples benefits, save money for people – Financial Advocates have recovered significant amounts of money for people. Please check out our financial advocacy in action stories
  16. Dosh have challenging Key Performance Indicators which we report on to the Dosh Board of Directors
  17. Dosh carry out an individual research project each year which they share within their network. Last year was about access to banking, next year will be about Individual Budgets
  18. Dosh provide consistency – if a support provider changes we can continue to be a person’s Corporate Appointee
  19. Dosh can be the third party for account management for Individual Service Funds between the provider and the local authority and for Individual Budgets we can carry out the role of ‘Suitable Person’
  20. Dosh work with the people they support on their accessible Financial Profiles (which include a capability assessment) and their Money Plan
  21. Dosh aim to introduce something new for our customers each month – in the Autumn (2015) we will be launching a new banking product for people with a learning disability in partnership with a credit union

Sounds Good?  Would you like to hear more about what we do?  If you support people with a learning disability and you would like to some more information please email me

Steve Raw

Managing Director

Dosh Ltd

Mobile 07841 052 174