Leadership in the Raw

By Steve Raw. Helping you on your leadership journey

About Steve

My career

I am the Managing Director for Dosh Ltd, a subsidiary company within the Thera Group www.thera.co.uk

I have 26 years’ experience in social care, supporting adults with a learning disability.Steve's about photo

Prior to 1996 I was in Her Majesties Forces (Army) for 24 years.

My youngest daughter, Bettina copes with a learning disability and autism. I was inspired by my daughter (I am every day!) to go into this field to make a difference in people’s lives once I had retired from the Army.

I started in Community Support as a Support Worker, moving on to: Team Leader, Project Manager in Residential Care, an Area Manager, Director of Learning Disabilities providing care and support for people with a learning disability.  From 2019 – 2020 I was Head of Workforce Strategy and Engagement for Thera Trust.   I love what I do.

I have developed and deliver leadership programmes for the organisations I have worked for as well as delivering leadership, coaching, project management presentation and workshops. I have the privilege to be a Mentor and Coach for a number of managers and people who aspire to be managers.

I enjoy writing articles about Leadership and the lessons in life I have learned from my youngest daughter Bettina (‘Being Bettina’s Dad series) on this blog.

I publish a Leadership & Engagement pack on a monthly basis since 2006 for my organisation’s leaders and my wider leadership network around the world. The Leadership & Engagement pack appears in this blog as well as social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) which is taken in around the world.

I tweet @Steve.Raw836 7 days a week at 7am with my ‘#leadership stuff I’ve learned series’ and have recently started a diary on my Instagram account:  @stephenraw6)

Since Covid19 I publish a weekly ‘Diversity & Wellbeing Times’ ’an e-newsletter for my company which is made up of information and resources on Diversity Awareness, Wellness, Mental Health, Disabilities, Health & Fitness, Mindfulness, and lots of uplifting music.

I am invited by focus groups, carers groups, families teams to deliver presentations on ‘Personal Budgets, Individual Service Funds (ISFs) and on my experiences as Parent/Carer for an adult with a learning disability’ I have previously been involved in Thera’s Safe and Secure book launch nationwide delivering a mini workshop on ‘Circles of Support’ for Carers too.

My hobbies, sport, and interests include Running (5 days a week), Books both fiction and nonfiction, History (especially events I was involved in), Theatre, Films, Music (I am an amateur Beatles historian) Football (supporting Newcastle Utd for my sins since 1964). I love hanging out with my family.

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