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Highlights from an MBA… Systems Leadership

June 1, 2020

By Meike Beckford I am currently learning about Systems Thinking. A fascinating, and huge(!), topic and approach to thinking about not just specific problem solving, but understanding the whole system and all its interrelated parts. The idea is that rather than assuming a simple ‘A causes B’ process and therefore assuming that if you stop… Read More ›

Photograph of Meike Beckford

Highlights from an MBA: Tame, wicked and critical problems – A Coronavirus Application

By Meike Beckford In January I wrote a post about tame, wicked and critical problems. At the time, we had very little idea of what was about to hit us with Coronavirus, so the discussion was quite generic and the examples broad. Fast forward 3 months and the world around us has significantly changed with… Read More ›

Photograph of Meike Beckford

Highlights from an MBA: Responsible Leadership

By Meike Beckford This edition comes to you on deadline day, so I’ll be keeping it fairly short, but wanted to share a theory on Responsible Leadership with you. This is a fairly new development in leadership studies, which tries to relate the significant global challenges we currently face, with each of our roles as… Read More ›

Photograph of Meike Beckford

Highlights from an MBA: Leadership

By Meike Beckford In the last few weeks, my two worlds of MBA and social care have come together on the topic of leadership. First, at a Skills for Care ‘Well Led’ training course and then on my ‘Responsible Leadership’ module, I have (re-)discovered the concept of tame and wicked problems and the different requirements… Read More ›

Photograph of Meike Beckford

Highlights from an MBA: Authentic Leadership

By Meike Beckford This month, I wanted to share something from the beginning of my MBA that helped me reflect on my leadership journey so far. First, an approach to documenting and unpacking your experience so far and then some more general reflections on authentic leadership. Learning from your lived experience Start by writing your… Read More ›

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Highlights from an MBA

By Meike Beckford, Lead Director for Dosh For my second post for this series of MBA highlights, I have been looking through the ‘archives’ of some of my earlier topics and stumbled upon operations management. I admit, it sounds dull! However; as soon as you start looking into it, you realise how fundamental it is… Read More ›

Photograph of Meike Beckford

Highlights from an MBA: Innovation

This is the first in what will hopefully be a short series where I share some ideas from my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with the aim of introducing you to some new ideas, questions and perspectives to help you develop yourself and your organisation and to challenge me to summarise what I have actually… Read More ›

Meike Beckford

Giving Voices to Values

We have been thinking about our values in my organisation Dosh recently, and particularly how we act on them – doing and not just saying, particularly when it’s not easy

Being Bettina’s Mum: Are you #BettinaReady?

Being #BettinaReady means taking ownership of being prepared without making it someone else’s priority/task.  It is also quite reassuring to be ready on time and equipped and ready to roll. 

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

Being Bettina’s Mum: Why not me, why not you?

No matter what we face in life, we all have a choice on how we handle it. 

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