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Leadership Pack (December 2018) The Christmas Annual

Welcome to this year’s December Leadership Pack 2018 The Christmas Annual. I would like to start the review with thanks and gratitude to those who have contributed to the monthly pack throughout 2018 and which I have included again in our ‘Annual’ such as our Resilience Coach, Damian Piper’s contribution. I would  like to thank Joyce… Read More ›

Leadership Pack (October 2018)

Welcome to the October Leadership Pack 2018. Damian Piper from Effective Challenge ( ) has written another excellent piece especially for our Leadership Pack community called, ‘‘finding your bearings to move forward – what conversation do you need?” Thanks Damian, I especially liked your description of ‘projects’. I am constantly learning and (hopefully) developing as… Read More ›

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Leadership pack (July)

As I write and put together this month’s leadership pack, it is a Sunday afternoon. What I found most enjoyable today is watching the presentations from I have chosen especially for you although I had originally chosen five!

Being Bettina's Dad: Bettina and I in South Devon

Being Bettina’s Dad: Bettina’s happiness lessons

We recently came back from a mini break in South Devon with Bettina. What made our break complete for my wife (Joyce) and me? We were driving along, dodging the traffic down a single track (which is called a road in that part of Devon!) and from the backseat Bettina said, “Very Happy”.

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

Leadership and Common Sense: A perfect marriage!

If you have been involved in leadership in any capacity you will be aware of that old chestnut “Leadership….nature or nurture?” Do we think that leaders are born, or do we think that leaders are/can be created? Will we ever agree on a definitive answer?

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

Being Bettina’s Mum: Care to Communicate?

Being Bettina’s Mum has presented many challenges over the years, but especially so when Bettina was a young child. At its height, Bettina’s autism was laced with difficulty down to her having a severe, and quite complex, communication disorder.

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