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Being Bettina’s Dad: ‘This Too, Shall Pass’ – The Lockdown

“So happy” Bettina quietly says this as she gives me eye contact from across our dinner table. Nobody can tell Bettina how she feels, she either feels it or she doesn’t, so when she says she is so happy it means everything to her family. “So happy” despite so many restrictions placed on her life… Read More ›

Being Bettina’s Dad: What is Courage without Fear?

“Hello…….Is there anyone there?” Bettina is calling from upstairs and looking over the banister. Our home can be noisy and the atmosphere is always filled with laughter and chatter 99.9% of the time – there are, after all, four adults living together in Bettina’s house. This evening, our house is unusually quiet, two of the… Read More ›

Bettina has achieved her Blue Belt for sword work

Being Bettina’s Dad – Facing up to Adversity

Hanging out with Bettina as much as I can, I have learned from her how she faces adversity and I use these lessons when I face adversity in my work. I would like to share with you what I think are Bettina’s five lessons on how to face adversity.

Steve and Bettina

Being Bettina’s Dad: ‘Trust’ is a gift you must earn

Bettina will always need to have someone by her side, so how did our relationship evolve over the years so that new experiences no longer fazed her? I believe it had everything to do with ‘Trust’.

Paul Pargeter, Head of Best Practice at Dimensions

Experiencing friendship, courage and kindness

14 people connected to Dimensions UK took on the 3-peak challenge, all supporting and being supported by each other no matter the experience or disability.

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