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Steve’s Little Book of Foolishness

One Saturday morning we were walking towards the town centre in Bury St Edmunds and my wife, Joyce, turns to me and says “one day Steve you should write a book titled: Steve’s little book of foolishness”, prompted by my latest foolish escapade. 

Leadership pack (March)

Welcome to the March edition of the Leadership Pack.

Leadership pack (January)

Welcome to the January edition of the Leadership Pack.. Happy New Year, I hope 2017 is going to be your best year so far. This is a New Year edition so there are two blog posts from celebrating the New Year and hopefully getting you off to a good start with a plan.  Two of… Read More ›

Bettina and Steve at Whitby, throwing pebbles

Being Bettina’s Dad – Taking the time to be grateful and showing gratitude

As a family we have been coming to Whitby for the last 14 years, my life slows down for a week and I get lots of time to spend with Bettina. An emotion she clearly expresses to those around her is how ‘grateful’ she is for the things that come her way.

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