Welcome to the Leadership pack (November 2017).

This month the company I work for, Dosh Ltd starts a year of celebrations as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary of supporting people with a learning disability to be more independent and have more control over their money.

In order to share this milestone with you I have included two pieces in this month’s Leadership Pack that include what it means to me to be part of this organisation and why it feels special.

The first post is about finding your passion and doing that – I am not sure I could do work that I am not passionate about – and the other is ‘Dosh the Leadership Way’ which explains our leadership culture – how we do things around here.  Do you have a leadership ‘culture’? And, if so, have you written it down?

Being successful is not just about having the passion to make work meaningful, but also about having a purpose.  4 WAYS PURPOSE DRIVES PERFORMANCE from the Success magazine does it for me.

Each month I enjoy finding presentations from Ted.com to include in the Leadership Pack, to inspire you and to help me with my professional development, this is my favourite from this month’s picks.

A project without a critical path is like a ship without a rudder.  This month I delivered a two day project management course for Thera managers and I promised that I would include an excellent article which describes and explains  what a ‘Critical Path Analysis’ is.  So when you next plan a project and break activities down, don’t forget to analyse those activities, that if delayed would stop your project finishing on time.

This month’s quotes have been taken from my wife’s @JoyceRaw1 and @livelikearaw twitter feeds – thanks Joyce.  I am also on Twitter:  @DoshLtd sharing leadership thoughts at 7am, 7 days a week.  We welcome new followers.

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It’s not about how good you are,

It’s how Good You want to be