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February 2021

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2006 – 2021

Welcome to this month’s edition and here are the highlights:

‘The day you thought you’d have.’  From Damian Piper our Reliance Coach.  When I read Damian’s, blog post I thought:  I wish I had read his article before I had a similar experience and the next time I have similar day, I am going to practice his five steps.  The first step is to breathe.  Strangely my wife is always suggesting I breathe when I am under pressure.  A must read!

6 Domains of Resilience.  Rebecca Alexander from ‘The Coaching Studio has written exclusively for us:  “The past year has been challenging for us all, and the question I’ve heard most often when coaching teams and individual clients has been ‘how can I improve my emotional wellbeing?’ In my search for answers, I dug into the field of resilience. In the past 20 years there has been an explosion in resilience knowledge – what it is, how it functions, and how to develop it……….” Thank you, Rebecca your article has certainly helped me, to better understand my resilience and wellbeing.

Impact ManagementBy Meike BeckfordI have recently started a new role as Head of Impact Management for the Thera Group (www.thera.co.uk), which is an exciting new role for me and the Group.  A common theme from messages of congratulations from colleagues, family and friends was “don’t really know what that is or what you’ll be doing, but I’m sure you’ll be great!” Whilst I appreciated the vote of confidence, it also told me what my first priority had to be – working out what I was doing and telling everyone else what that was!”.   Be honest did you know what Impact Measurement or Management was all about until today?  If you were unsure like me?  I highly recommend Meike’s article to you.

Patience is a Leadership Virtue. Bettina is a woman who copes with a learning disability & autism and I am her proud Dad.  Over the years Bettina has developed an inner calm and a capacity to accept and/or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.  A coping mechanism that helps her make sense of a world that constantly changes and throws unexpected drama and disruption into her structured.  This month’s article includes the lessons I have learned from Bettina about her endless patience, especially during Covid19.  Which brings me to a final article from me ‘Do the work you were always meant to do’ a career I started 25 years ago thanks to Bettina.

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