October 2022


October 2022

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Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with: the value of dwelling?  “What is the value of dwelling?  I heard this question in the week and it prompted a whole range of thoughts. I’m involved in lots of conversations with others and myself where unhelpfully replaying something that has happened or might happen in the future is a common theme.  Like a powerful magnet the thoughts that draw us in often get a grip.  So why do we allow that to happen?”

From me:  ‘BEING BETTINA’S PARENTS – THE BARRIERS WE FACE’   Have you come out of an interview and thought “I could have answered that question better”?  I recently had the privilege of being  interviewed for a podcast by Nicola Payne from ‘MacIntyre Families’ about my experiences of being a carer for Bettina who copes with a learning disability and autism.  I think the interview went well.  Being Bettina’s Dad – this month’s Family Podcast | MacIntyre (macintyrecharity.org)  There was one question I thought I could have answered better:  What are the barriers you faced as a parent carer and how did you overcome them?

Sir Ernest Shackleton is one of my heroes who was an Antarctic explorer 100 years ago.  On one of his expeditions (1914-16) his group became stranded in the Antarctic for nearly two years cut off from all forms of communication.  Through his leadership they all survived!  on ‘SHACKLETON’S WAY OF FINDING THE DETERMINATION TO MOVE FORWARD’

The final article in this month’s edition ‘Being Bettina’s Mum: Why not me, why not you?’ by Joyce Raw.  Praise for Joyce’s article:

“I agree and can relate with everything Joyce has written” Paula McGowan OBE #oliverscampaign

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