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Leadership pack (September)

Welcome to the September leadership pack. This edition includes my favourite TED talks, an ILM article on ‘Explaining Things’ and some of my most recent blog posts on Being Bettina’s Dad.

Supporting you with some tactics to control your nerves

Do you suffer from nerves? If so, I am hoping my post will help you in the work place (if you are a runner then this will be a bonus too) and before your next event.

Being Bettina’s Dad – What Bettina taught me when supporting a person

A question I am often asked since leaving the Army to support people with learning disabilities has been, “I suppose getting involved in this work has helped you support your daughter, Bettina with her care?” I remember being asked this question by a fellow Area Manager when we met up for lunch some years ago. I found myself saying, “Actually it is the other way around.”

Steve Raw

The Art of Reinvention

I love life. I want to be the best I can be and even as I approach 60 I still think my best years are ahead of me. So why do I feel the need to reinvent myself and how will it help me become the man Joyce wants me to be?

Leadership pack (June)

Since my first edition in 2006 the aim has always been to inspire you, I also hope that there is enough content to help you feel happy too. You could say this edition’s theme is ‘Happiness’.

1985 Winning commando log race team

24 leadership lessons from 24 years in the Army

Did you get to fulfill your childhood dream? I did! How lucky am I?  And you know what? I am still incredibly grateful for the experience, 18 years after retiring from the Army. I joined a Junior Leaders Battalion in 1972 ‘passing out’ into the regular Army in 1974, and then retiring in 1996. I… Read More ›

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