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Being Bettina’s Dad: This too shall pass – Staying Happy While Staying Alert

“Thank you Mummy” Joyce has just made a cup of tea for Bettina. The plumber is fixing our loo and Joyce notices the plumber smiling at Bettina’s reaction, who then offers to fix something extra we had not originally agreed on when the job was booked. Yesterday when Bettina approached the entrance to the supermarket,… Read More ›

Being Bettina’s Dad: ‘This Too, Shall Pass’ – The Lockdown

“So happy” Bettina quietly says this as she gives me eye contact from across our dinner table. Nobody can tell Bettina how she feels, she either feels it or she doesn’t, so when she says she is so happy it means everything to her family. “So happy” despite so many restrictions placed on her life… Read More ›

Being Bettina’s Dad: This Too Shall Pass

After wishing Bettina, a good night I whisper through her bedroom door “Book Tomorrow” Bettina whispers back “Oh Yes”. “Book Tomorrow” doubles for a trip with her Dad to Frinton on Sea where we do a series of things together which includes buying as many books as ‘B’ wants from her favourite second-hand book shop…. Read More ›

Leadership and Engagement Pack (March)

Welcome to this month’s Leadership and Engagement Pack (March 2020) One of the highlights of putting together the ‘Leadership & Engagement’ pack is when I receive articles written especially for the monthly edition by Damian and Meike and this month is no exception so thank you both for the contributions. Our first article is from… Read More ›

Being Bettina’s Dad and Thelma’s Son: Being Stoic

From Grandmother to Granddaughter Thelma Kelly sits patiently waiting for Holy Communion to begin at her Parish Church in Stockton on Tees. Suddenly her thoughts are interrupted as two church wardens walk assertively past her, towards the Vicar. They whisper a message in his ear and the Vicar nods. He turns towards his congregation to… Read More ›

Leadership and Engagement Pack (Christmas edition)

Welcome to the Leadership and Engagement Pack (Christmas 2019) I would like to start the review with thanks and gratitude to those who have contributed to the monthly pack throughout 2019, I would like to thank Joyce who provides the quotes and who also has the onerous task of proof reading my blog posts and… Read More ›

Being Bettina’s Dad: leading a life less ordinary

“Say it’s true, black and blue, I can share your situation Been holding our emotions back, will only make us cry If you go, I know, but you know, it ain’t so serious anyway When the clouds arise we’ll live on Ocean Drive” I look in my rear view mirror as I am driving and… Read More ›

Leadership and Engagement Pack (November)

Welcome to this month’s Leadership and Engagement Pack (November 2019). Some years ago I wrote a blog post (appears as the last article in this edition) I commented on one of those three bosses: “You feel excited by what is coming next. You never quite know what to expect when you receive an email, or… Read More ›

Leadership Pack (October)

Welcome to the Leadership Pack (October 2019). Damian Piper, our resident Performance coach and consultant, starts this edition with: Are you considering your career next steps? Damian reflects on his career and has come up with three universal themes which he believes could be applicable to you. As someone who has been fortunate to have… Read More ›

Being Bettina’s Dad: Find people who make you better

(And six fun things I get from being Bettina’s Dad) I think I can safely say we are not an especially religious family, however, we do often say that our youngest daughter Bettina is a ‘gift from god’ (we also say that she is our ‘crown jewels’). This morning, Bettina is in our sitting room… Read More ›

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