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Leadership Pack (February)

Welcome to the February edition of the Leadership Pack!

Leadership Pack (August)

This month’s edition includes a selection of articles including my top 3 Ted Talks for the month, plus an article on Critical Path Analysis.


Leadership pack (June)

Welcome to the June leadership pack. This edition has a networking theme. It includes contributions from a number of former colleagues, colleagues and friends that really help make this a special edition which is full of ideas, tips and learning.

Leadership pack (April)

As a leader you don’t always have to be the one doing the inspiring. Be inspired by those around you – I do.

Leadership pack (February 2016)

Welcome to this month’s edition. This pack includes inspiring video presentations, a piece on Project Management plus insight into what makes a great boss.

Leadership pack (August)

I am really pleased to share with you the August Leadership Pack. I think there is something for everyone in this edition from leadership lessons from ‘Le Tour’ to a piece from me about my youngest daughter, Bettina and ‘Trust’ but what makes it the best edition so far for me is a ‘Business Masterclass’ from my colleague Bonni.

That was the week!

Over the weekend I needed to think about the next topic on my blog – writing about a typical week in my life might be something worth sharing, especially if it means promoting what is important in my life. So getting my skates on, lets crack on with a typical week for me…

Nick Evans

Leadership from the perspective of a young professional

My name is Nick Evans, I am a graduate on the Charityworks programme as part of the 2014/2015 cohort. The idea of the programme is to mould the future leaders of the third sector through structured learning and development. Leadership remains a vague concept, it has no hard and fast rules and a good leader… Read More ›

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