Late Friday afternoon I received an interesting invite to take part in a Webinar/Webcast about Charityworks.  Charityworks is a UK non-profit sector’s graduate programme and is a paid, 12 month programme for graduates starting a career in the non-profit sector.  The invitation came from Ned, a Programme Director at Vanilla Ventures and needed me to do this on Monday morning in London with Civil Society.

Inspiring our future leaders at CharityWorks
Inspiring our future leaders at a Charityworks session

Having checked my diary for the week ahead I discovered I could do it!  Once I got over the surprise (actually it was a bit of a shock), I then found out what was involved (which would be a first for me) and as I looked at what the rest of week entailed I realised (not for the first time) that not only do I love my job but I also get to do some great things and meet and support important people and organisations.

Over the weekend I needed to think about the next topic on my blog – writing about a typical week in my life might be something worth sharing, especially if it means promoting what is important in my life.

So getting my skates on, lets crack on with a typical week for me…………….


An early start for London was a must, leaving at 6.30am. I needed to get to London for 9am to run through rehearsals for the webinar ready to roll at 11am.  As I said, I had not done this before.  I had rehearsed and rehearsed what I would say on the way down on the train.  I was joined on the panel by Ned the Programme Director and Rose, a Management Intern currently with NSPCC.  My organisation Thera Group and I are big supporters of the Graduate Management scheme.  I have delivered Project Management for their candidates for the last 5 years and my organisation has progressed due to our interns from Charityworks.  I will post the link of the interview elsewhere on the blog when it eventually arrives.

We finish at 1pm and now I must rush home to get on with my ‘day job’ as Managing Director for Dosh but not before I pop into the London Marathon shop to pick up some running kit.  I still run 4 or 5 times a week although no longer do marathons


I am mostly based at home in Colchester although the Dosh Office is in Grantham, Lincolnshire which is just over a 2 hour drive if the wind is behind me, if it is not it can take 3 hours. From 5.30am (everyday) I am working on my emails, payments, and Dosh papers before I leave for Grantham.  As well as meeting up with the Dosh Office team, I have been invited to be part of a small support team which is helping one of our organisations Director’s to set up a blog and I have been asked to share my experiences of this blog. The Service Quality Director I am helping has been a great support to my company, so it is a good opportunity to return the favour.

I am staying over tonight in a local hotel and will use the free Wi-Fi to get ahead of on task list, which includes preparing for a number of presentations for both this and next week.


It’s back in the Dosh Office early this morning for supervisions (1-1s) with a couple of my colleagues, and then a meeting with a Credit Union.  We are hoping they will be a banking solution for the people we support – I am now looking forward to their written proposal.  Access to banking for people with learning disabilities remains a challenge.  If you would like to read our research report on ‘Access to Banking for People with learning disabilities’, written by my colleague Meike, check out .


Voluntary work has always been important to me in both my careers.  It was something that was valued in the British Army and I was part of a unit who received the ‘Wilkinson Sword of Peace’ in Hong Kong for work we did for disadvantaged teenagers and also for supporting people with learning disabilities in Berlin (I also ran for Mencap).

I have continued with this work in my second career, and have been a school governor and a Citizens Advocate, and now I am now a volunteer for SSAFA a national organisation which aids servicemen and their families.  Today is a refresher day for SSAFA Mentors and the venue for the day is at Norton House in the South East of England, which means another early start as I do battle with the famed M25!

Today is extra special as I get to see one of my former bosses from the Army, the ever inspirational Farren Drury MBE.  Farren’s mini workshop is about ‘Goal Mapping ‘and a terrific opportunity for my continuing professional development.  I highly recommend his link and see what Farren can deliver for you through his Visual Success Map:  View on laptop/pc and why not create your own Success Map at:

We finish at 4pm and now I am on my way to Exeter in Devon for meetings tomorrow.  My sat-nav takes me down the scenic route on one of my favourite roads the A303 past Stonehenge.  It can be clogged up with traffic, but this evening I have a clear path.   An evening of clearing emails and preparing for tomorrows meetings awaits me


Thanks to our Reception Team, they have booked me into a hotel which is only 400metres from my first meeting with an organisation which supports people with learning disabilities in Dorset and Devon.  This organisation has approached Dosh as they want to talk about the possibilities of Dosh supporting people with their money and state benefits.  The meeting goes well and I am hopeful they will come back to us soon with referrals.

Leaving Exeter for my second meeting I travel to Bristol (a 2 hour drive) to meet another organisation who have invited me to talk about Individual Budgets and Individual Services Funds – these are budgets which people with learning disabilities have and which enables people to take control of their finances.  My daughter Bettina has an Individual Budget more about that is on:

Another good meeting and it’s been a great day.  I love spending time with people who are passionate about people with learning disabilities and it’s been an inspiring week. Now for another long journey home (with a few breaks to check out my emails in case there is anything urgent)


Phew what a week but it is not over in respect of work.  I am up as always at 5am.  It’s become a habit now but today it is good because I can clear my email inbox from yesterday.  I promise that I will clear people’s expenditure within 24hours and it is important to me that I keep to that commitment for people with learning disabilities.  It is a key part of my work.  I have managed to get my work cleared by 8am as the ‘Raw’ household rise.  Now my “reward” – the thing I have been looking forward to all week – a trip to Frinton on Sea with Bettina.  Find out what it means to me on another page on the blog:

I hope you have found my week interesting and inspiring too.  Please try and find time to check out the links I have included in this post.

How was your week? Leave a message below or send me a tweet @DoshLtd.