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Leadership pack (April)

Welcome to the April leadership pack.

It’s not about how good you are,

It’s how good you want to be

In this month’s leadership pack:

  • There are 3 great links to presentations I have chosen especially for you, be inspired by Diana Nyad who at 64 swam from Cuba to Florida!
  • I personally recommend  ‘Leadership and Common Sense: A perfect marriage!’ by Joyce Raw and just what we all need ‘10 Laws – What it Takes to Achieve Enduring Success.’  There is much more on offer in this month’s edition which makes this the best one so far (in my humble opinion).
  • My latest blog post on Being Bettina’s Dad and being ‘significant’. ‘Significance’ what it means and why I think you should aspire to it as a leader.  This will also appear in May’s Leadership Pack.

Read the April leadership pack online now or email me at to be added to the mailing list.

Keep making a difference in people’s lives and have a successful month. 

Steve Raw FinstLM, FCMI, GCGI

PS  As ever A Big Thank You to Lizzie Elhamri for proof reading and making some important changes to our latest edition.

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