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Highlights from an MBA: Innovation

This is the first in what will hopefully be a short series where I share some ideas from my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with the aim of introducing you to some new ideas, questions and perspectives to help you develop yourself and your organisation and to challenge me to summarise what I have actually… Read More ›

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

Being Bettina’s Mum: Why not me, why not you?

No matter what we face in life, we all have a choice on how we handle it. 

What I have learnt from my first year in ‘management’

It is one of those steps on the career ladder that seems to hold a lot of significance. You’re moving up, you probably get a pay rise and you become more ‘senior’ (whatever that means).

Guest blog: Plan and Prepare

Nick Wright is a leadership coach and organisation development consultant. He shares the importance of planning and preparing.

Be aware: Diabetes Awareness Month

Guest blog by Sarah Bolger. If my contribution to Diabetes Awareness Month is to get just one person to read this post and remember even some of it then I am happy with my little self.

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

Positive Vibes – A Way of Life

Being positive, and creating positive vibes for those around you, is a way of life. It is a choice anyone can make, despite the adversities they face, it is not a secret. There is no trick. So, how is it done and where do you start?

How well are you looking after your environment?

For me looking after your environment is more than recycling our plastics. Have you ever taken a moment to step back and consider the impact your environment is having on your own resilience?

A different approach to problem solving….

When it comes to leadership we all have tried and tested tools that we use to solve problems. I would like to share with you one tool that I have used as a leader and also in my everyday communication with others.

Supporting people to make decisions – What I learnt from buying a car

We often support people and their circles of support to make financial decisions, whether it’s getting a car, going on holiday or planning weekly spending. At Dosh, we see lots of great work from support workers involving people in making their own decisions, but from our comfortable position of understanding these decisions we can often forget just how stressful this can be for people.

The Dosh leadership way

Leadership Pack (March)

Welcome to the March Leadership Pack, with a special focus on: health, wellbeing and staying strong.

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