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Team trust and openness – awkward topic or team enabler?

In my experience when first asked the question about levels of trust and openness within a team, people can feel awkward about saying what they really believe. This results in an over estimation of how good things really are. So how can you become more informed?

Damian, Effective Challenge

Resilience unlocks results

Prompted by a recent lecture I gave at a London university I have been focusing on a subject that comes up consistently when working with people across a range of different settings. That subject is resilience.

Winning strategies for a successful business – Part 1

In a tough business market there are always likely to be winners and losers. Running a successful and profitable business involves having clear strategies. Successful operators have common approaches and behaviours to the way they operate.

Paul Pargeter, Head of Best Practice at Dimensions

Experiencing friendship, courage and kindness

14 people connected to Dimensions UK took on the 3-peak challenge, all supporting and being supported by each other no matter the experience or disability.

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

Leadership and Common Sense: A perfect marriage!

If you have been involved in leadership in any capacity you will be aware of that old chestnut “Leadership….nature or nurture?” Do we think that leaders are born, or do we think that leaders are/can be created? Will we ever agree on a definitive answer?

David Sandell

Charisma isn’t always enough

By David Sandell, Creative Director & Joint MD Triad Limited. Charisma isn’t always enough. I often wonder if I had trusted my instincts at an earlier age, whether I might have achieved more in life. I’ve always considered myself slightly introvert, which may surprise some that know me. Being introverted may well have held back… Read More ›

You have a role in helping people get out of their comfort zone!

What’s your role in helping others get out of their comfort zone?

By Damian, Effective Challenge As a line manager it can be very easy to talk about a member of your team needing to “get out of their comfort zone”. I believe this phrase is overused as it doesn’t suggest what really needs to happen. It can also put people into a defensive frame of mind… Read More ›

Nick Evans

Leadership from the perspective of a young professional

My name is Nick Evans, I am a graduate on the Charityworks programme as part of the 2014/2015 cohort. The idea of the programme is to mould the future leaders of the third sector through structured learning and development. Leadership remains a vague concept, it has no hard and fast rules and a good leader… Read More ›

7 Ways to Bring a Better Balance

7 ways to bring a better balance

By Damien, Effective Challenge More and more challenges come our way competing for the precious 168 hours we have each week. It’s important that we take responsibility and work at striking a balance to achieve more of the right things. Here’s 7 things to get you started. Get a longer-term vision Having a view on… Read More ›

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