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Leadership pack (May)

Welcome to the latest leadership pack. This edition includes an inspiring blog post from my colleague Meike and a series of my favourite Ted talks.

Leadership pack (January)

Welcome to the January edition of the Leadership Pack.. Happy New Year, I hope 2017 is going to be your best year so far. This is a New Year edition so there are two blog posts from celebrating the New Year and hopefully getting you off to a good start with a plan.  Two of… Read More ›

Supporting you with some tactics to control your nerves

Do you suffer from nerves? If so, I am hoping my post will help you in the work place (if you are a runner then this will be a bonus too) and before your next event.

Networking: it really is all about who you know

My life has been enriched by the people I know and I have come to the conclusion that the success I have achieved in both my careers has often been due to the people I know. I wanted to share with you my ideas and tips which will hopefully help you benefit from networking, especially if you struggle at conventions to network.

Inspiring our future leaders at CharityWorks

Finding a ‘why’

Standing outside the gate of the Garrison Athletics Track in Colchester on a cold dark Tuesday night, had it really been 20 years since I was last there waiting to start a group run? Would I be able to keep up? And would I be embarrassed if I struggled? In my head I am 29, but physically I am now 59. But more to the point – WHY? Why am I doing this?

Steve Raw

Be kind to yourself in 2016

I am guessing if you are reading this Blog, that you are like me and we have a similar passion for leadership. We want to be the best leaders we can be and we want to make a difference to the people we support. The trouble is we are often our own biggest critics.

Being Bettina’s Dad: A role model for Bettina

Climbing out of my snow hole, I received a letter from home.  No mean feat as I was somewhere in the Arctic Circle and a month into a winter deployment with 3 Commando Brigade.  It was the news I had dreamed of from Joyce– we were going to have a baby!  I never doubted for… Read More ›

Steve Raw

A role model for ‘vision’

Listening to my latest ‘Success’ Management CD on my way home from work, the publisher’s letter to his listeners was about Mentors and Role Models in your life and why they are important to your success. I consider myself to be very fortunate in having some incredibly talented people around me. This is a blog post about ‘Vision’ and my role model for Vision is Gary Smith, Market Field’s Head Teacher.

Selling coals to Newcastle – part 1

I recently heard an interview on the subject of ‘Sales’ from a leading business executive telling me that each member of my company, no matter what their role within the team, is involved in Sales. The big surprise for me was when the interviewee said that as a Managing Director for 95% of my time should be devoted to sales!

Merry Christmas from Leadership in the Raw

Leadership pack (December)

As it is the end of the year, I have saved the best stuff until now, making it the best edition so far? If you check out only one thing in this month’s edition please click on to the link to Stella Young’s presentation, I personally guarantee you will enjoy it. The December Leadership Pack includes:… Read More ›

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