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Leadership pack (September)

Welcome to the September leadership pack. This edition includes my favourite TED talks, an ILM article on ‘Explaining Things’ and some of my most recent blog posts on Being Bettina’s Dad.

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

Being Bettina’s Mum: Care to Communicate?

Being Bettina’s Mum has presented many challenges over the years, but especially so when Bettina was a young child. At its height, Bettina’s autism was laced with difficulty down to her having a severe, and quite complex, communication disorder.

Prepare for lift off in 2015

Resolutions? Let’s face it, more often than not we don’t keep them.  With one month over for 2015 already, how many have you kept? So let’s change the word to ‘Commitments’ as in “I am going to make some commitments in my life and in my career”.  It feels different – using the word Commitment… Read More ›

David Sandell

Charisma isn’t always enough

By David Sandell, Creative Director & Joint MD Triad Limited. Charisma isn’t always enough. I often wonder if I had trusted my instincts at an earlier age, whether I might have achieved more in life. I’ve always considered myself slightly introvert, which may surprise some that know me. Being introverted may well have held back… Read More ›

Nick Evans

Leadership from the perspective of a young professional

My name is Nick Evans, I am a graduate on the Charityworks programme as part of the 2014/2015 cohort. The idea of the programme is to mould the future leaders of the third sector through structured learning and development. Leadership remains a vague concept, it has no hard and fast rules and a good leader… Read More ›

Then and now

Then and now: 20 leadership lessons I wish I could have passed on to a younger me

I have had the pleasure, and privilege, of delivering project management training to 2014/15 Charityworks cohort as part of their management programme. They are graduate trainees now, but I know they will be our future senior managers, directors and leaders in social care in the future. The time I have spent with them has helped… Read More ›

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