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Leadership pack (March)

Welcome to the March edition of the Leadership Pack.

Being Bettina’s Dad: A role model for Bettina

Climbing out of my snow hole, I received a letter from home.  No mean feat as I was somewhere in the Arctic Circle and a month into a winter deployment with 3 Commando Brigade.  It was the news I had dreamed of from Joyce– we were going to have a baby!  I never doubted for… Read More ›

Steve Raw

A role model for ‘vision’

Listening to my latest ‘Success’ Management CD on my way home from work, the publisher’s letter to his listeners was about Mentors and Role Models in your life and why they are important to your success. I consider myself to be very fortunate in having some incredibly talented people around me. This is a blog post about ‘Vision’ and my role model for Vision is Gary Smith, Market Field’s Head Teacher.

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