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Get up and go! Take a leap forward – part 1

(Creating your Business Plan for life and work) November 1988 – Nightfall in Berlin Even though it is dark this evening, this part of the Berlin Wall is lit up from the spotlights coming from the watch towers of the GDR (German Democratic Republic) guards from the Eastern side of the occupied zone. I can… Read More ›

Leadership Pack (January)

Welcome to the first leadership pack of 2018.

Getting competitive with a social conscience

I want to be the very best I can be, not just for the odd race but in all aspects of my life and with a social conscious too, which means helping someone else up at the same time

Setting 10 Times Goals – Do something Big!

A 10 times goal is so much bigger than you would normally set for yourself. So set a target then multiply it 10 times. Make it awesome because that is what you are.

Supporting you with some tactics to control your nerves

Do you suffer from nerves? If so, I am hoping my post will help you in the work place (if you are a runner then this will be a bonus too) and before your next event.

Inspiring our future leaders at CharityWorks

Finding a ‘why’

Standing outside the gate of the Garrison Athletics Track in Colchester on a cold dark Tuesday night, had it really been 20 years since I was last there waiting to start a group run? Would I be able to keep up? And would I be embarrassed if I struggled? In my head I am 29, but physically I am now 59. But more to the point – WHY? Why am I doing this?

Reach your potential, then go further!

At 33yrs old I had not reached my potential with my running and I was determined to do so, hell I was going to go further than my potential. I was only going to do this by training with people who were better than me. As a leader, coach, mentor and a trainer, I feel that supporting people to reach their potential is a key aspect of leadership.

Inspiring our future leaders at CharityWorks

Where do you get your inspiration from? It’s a lot closer than you think!

I often start a conversation about leadership and what it means to me with my belief that my role is to capture someone’s imagination and paint a picture of what can be.  It is about inspiring and being inspiring. One of the perks of my advancing years is that I can think of a number… Read More ›

30 leadership lessons from 30 years of running and athletics

(And 10 Top Tips to get you started) During my first career in the Army there was an expectation that you would keep yourself fit.  After all, we were expected to do a number of tests annually which required running.  However, it was not until I went on holiday to Hawaii when I came across… Read More ›

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