Welcome to the March edition of the Leadership Pack.

According to our Blog Stats for leadershipintheraw.org the most read blog post in 2015 so far is from my wife Joyce “Being Bettina’s Mum:  Care to Communicate?” I have included it in this month’s Leadership Pack. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it inspires you too. (Look out for Joyce’s next post on my blog on ‘Common Sense’ I hope she is not basing this on me)

The March Leadership Pack also includes:

  • A blog post about Major Winter’s “10 principles for success”, shared by Justin Smith, Operational Manager for Thera East Anglia.
  • Some excellent emails from David Taylor, which I enjoyed reading. Please look out for them tucked away in this edition.
  • 3 top presentations from Ted.com I know you are very busy so if you only have time for one, then the one to watch is definitely Feiles Wicker-Miurin  ‘Learning from Leadership’s missing manual’ which I found incredibly inspiring.  (So good I watched it twice!)
  • Last year I really got into Social Marketing which I continue to enjoy. This year’s professional development for me is ‘Sales’ I have included my latest blog post ‘Selling Coals to Newcastle Part 1’ where I share my Top 12 Tips with you. The tips are based on my learning so far.
  • I am often asked by candidates/students when I am delivering a presentation or a workshop how do I handle tricky people? So for my next session I am taking with me the ‘Mind Gyms‘ article I have included in this month’s edition. It’s got all the answers

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Keep making a difference in people’s lives and have a successful month. 

Steve Raw FinstLM, FCMI, GCGI