I have recently been asked to deliver a presentation on Social Media for fellow Managing Directors. I only have an hour (but knowing me, I will try and stretch it to 90 minutes).  I need to come from the angle that this is what works for me and perhaps there is something within my presentation that will inspire you to use the free tools that are now available.

I should mention here that I am not an expert!  I am not even an authority.  I am just someone who has enjoyed using some of the social media platforms, and often my organisation has benefited from some of my networking.

During my presentation I shall cover all my experiences whether it is through blogging, posting on LinkedIn and Twitter.  I will let you know how I get on.  This is just a very small part of my presentation – a handout of my 20 Top Tips for using twitter

My top 20 tips for Twitter   

  • When you write a message write it as if you are addressing just one person because it will be one person reading it! So instead of saying ‘All’ say ‘You’
  • Don’t just send messages about your work which can get boring, share some of your interests or comment on them. It could be about music or running – upload an interesting link and share it with your followers
  • Always acknowledge and thank people who Retweet your messages to their followers
  • Only send out positive messages – the BBC have a rule, if you wouldn’t say it on air then don’t say it on Twitter. Remember you are publishing as if you are an author every time you post a message so you are legally liable.
  • Don’t get into arguments or even discussions with anyone you disagree with or sends you a critical message – if it is personal or something that upsets you, then block them
  • Ensure in your biography that you include ‘Tweets are your own’ and if you have space ‘Retweets are not an endorsement they are purely Retweets’ however you are legally responsible for your Retweets so be careful
  • Seek out organisations and/or individuals who may be beneficial to your work and organisation and then follow them. There is a good chance they will follow you back.  More Followers – More Influence
  • If you have important messages then don’t be bashful about putting “please RT” at the end of your message. Increase your reach!
  • Be disciplined with your time. Have a plan, e.g. I send my leadership thoughts at 7am every morning and only at that time.
  • Don’t use software to schedule messages throughout the day as they look impersonal and people will see them for what they are and will likely ignore them
  • RT your organisations messages often (check your organisation’s Twitter feed once a day)
  • If you want to get your messages just right then type them first on a word document so you can check how many characters you have included (remember no more than 140) and, of course, it stops you from being impulsive with your messaging. Then cut and paste onto twitter
  • Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, and then hit big. Give (free stuff) – share info about anything you do, an interesting article you have read, or some new software link and then hit big with something you want for your organisation
  • Don’t start an account and not send messages, it is like having a vacant shop – it is not good for your organisation especially if you have the name of your company on your address e.g. mine is @DoshLtd
  • Make sure you have a good head shot (photo) of you above your bio. I have read that people are more likely to follow people they can see a picture of – it makes it more personal
  • Disruptive Marketing – Think about when people may be looking at Twitter and then make sure you send your messages then. I know the people who are looking at leadership twitter at 7am however I wouldn’t bother sending stuff about my work until 9am and not at weekends until Sunday evening when people start thinking about work.  Disruptive Marketing is about interrupting people with what they are doing, so they end up reading what you are doing.  Be A Game Changer.  (Organisation Accounts are usually 9-5 Mon to Fri)
  • Store your tweets put them on a word document so you build up a library of them. If I am struggling for a message I look at what I did on say the 17th in previous months and pick the best and use them.
  • If you are interested in making contact with a person e.g. you want to send them an email mention you will send them a Direct Message (DM) so you can put your email address without anyone but the person you are sending the DM seeing
  • Link your social media. Link Twitter to LinkedIn.  When I share a message on LinkedIn it automatically goes out from my Twitter Account.  (put your Twitter account on all your media)
  • Have Fun with it. It is not all about work!  I have interacted with all my favourite Radio 5 Presenters, my favourite authors (both fiction and non-fiction) and the odd BBC TV Presenter in the middle of her programme!).  I follow BBC Sports account which enables me to carrying on working at the weekend and still have minute by minute reports of my team (Newcastle Utd) getting beat.

It is not about numbers, it is about the quality of your network that counts. I am pushing for 3000 followers so I would always welcome your follow at @DoshLtd (which is changing soon to SteveRaw@DoshMD )

Additionally, a dedicated account purely for supporting people with learning disabilities with their money from www.dosh.org is coming soon.  The account will also promote important areas and issues for people with a learning disability and will be called Dosh@DoshLtd.