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Doing what is right over doing what is easy

March 7, 2019

On a recent journey to conduct recruitment and selection of our newest team members I listened to a USA magazine Success CD from 2012; the discussion was about ‘Trust’. The interview was with David Horsager and what David said resonated with me as I believe trust is an attribute which the Dosh business model is… Read More ›


My Story There is a certain point in the morning that if I walk down to the book shop, I will pass the security check point at ‘Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe’ (SHAPE) where new arrivals have to show their ID cards to the international military police. It’s November 1983 and I am hoping to… Read More ›

Steve Raw


It’s been 47 years since I entered into the world of work. Initially I delivered carpets and beds in my home town of Stockton-On-Tees followed by two careers; one of which I am still striving to achieve and develop myself within. I want to be better than I was the previous year, to be more… Read More ›

Social media – top 20 tips for using Twitter

I have recently been asked to deliver a presentation on Social Media for fellow Managing Directors. I only have an hour (but knowing me, I will try and stretch it to 90 minutes). I need to come from the angle that this is what works for me and perhaps there is something within my presentation that will inspire you to use the free tools that are now available.

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