Welcome to this month’s Leadership and Engagement Pack (March 2020)

One of the highlights of putting together the ‘Leadership & Engagement’ pack is when I receive articles written especially for the monthly edition by Damian and Meike and this month is no exception so thank you both for the contributions. Our first article is from Damian Piper…….’Helping yourself to handle the Coronavirus’ Damian writes this month: “large parts of the world are preparing for or managing the impact of the coronavirus. Despite all the challenges this is throwing up (and will continue to throw up) it provides many opportunities to recognise what we are grateful for.

Meike Beckford, as part of her series ‘Highlights from an MBA’, writes about Authentic Leadership Meike shares something from the beginning of her MBA that helped her to reflect on her leadership journey so far.

I have, as always, included a number of articles I’ve sourced from various messages I have received, which I hope will help you become the best version of yourself e.g. John C. Maxwell: ‘4 Ways to Reach Your Personal Best’ and ‘How Your Words Impact Your Success’ by Jim Rohn

With COVID 19 in our thoughts, I have tried to keep to a theme of ‘mindfulness’ and ‘gratitude’ throughout this month’s edition, as we cope with the challenges and the way it may change our lives in the short term. I thought it appropriate to include a post I wrote four years ago about: Being Bettina’s Dad: Bettina transforming my life with mindfulness (this is the last article in this month’s edition)

Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, infused with qualities like kindness, curiosity and acceptance

This month’s quotes have been taken from my wife’s @JoyceRaw1 and @livelier twitter feeds – thanks Joyce. I am also live on Twitter: @SteveRaw836 sharing leadership thoughts at 7am, 7 days a week. We welcome new followers!

Take care and Stay Well

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It’s not about how good you are,
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