Welcome to this month’s edition of Leadership and Engagement Pack (June 2020).

“Is that just rude”. By Damian Piper our Resilience Coach Is our first article. “There’s real benefit in keeping more of an open mind about behaviour that looks out of place.”

“Giving Voices to Values” Meike Beckford, Lead Director at Dosh Ltd “This is something we all deal with both professionally and personally, whether it is being asked to by-pass standard checks and processes to rush something urgent through, or brush something under the carpet that doesn’t look so good. Equally, we have opportunities to do something to strengthen our values through new projects and everyday work, particularly in leadership roles.” Thanks, Meike

“AN ALTERNATIVE TO QUALIFICATIONS” from Roger Whalley, his second article which I am pleased to say is now a series.  This article resonated with me, as someone who left school at 15 years old with a 10-yard swimming certificate.  (the Army saved my education by the way).

Jonny Rudge, Thera Group’s Head of Fund Raising shared ’A user manual for me’ which I can recommend.

By popular demand I have again included my personal Top 20 Interview Tips.  This is something I recently shared with a follower on Twitter who was going for a job interview the following day.  (He was successful)

The Raw family have started to come out of Covid19 ‘Lockdown’ and are looking forward to our Whitby holiday in August.  Being Bettina’s Dad I am going to be  Taking the time to be grateful and showing gratitude (this article was written during a previous Whitby Holiday).  This is the last article in this month’s edition.


This month’s quotes have been taken from my wife’s @JoyceRaw1 and @livelikearaw twitter feeds – thanks Joyce.  I am also live on Twitter:  @SteveRaw836 sharing leadership thoughts at 7am, 7 days a week.  We welcome new followers!

Take Care and Stay Well

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It’s not about how good you are,

It’s how Good You want to be