Welcome to the Leadership Coaching and Mentoring pack (November 2020)

Highlights include:

“Establishing an effective Way of Working is a critical part of staying connected with people and helping ourselves to be resilient.” During Covid19. Damian Piper, our Resilience coach, helps navigate us through these challenging times with: ‘Way of Working in challenging times’.

I noticed a few people struggling, understandably, with the second phase of this horrible contagion and all the restrictions it brings. So, with Bettina’s help, we came up with 20 tips: ‘Being Bettina’s Dad – Our Personal Top 20 Tips for getting through Phase 2 of Covid 19’. If one tip helps one person, it was worth putting this blog post together.

One of our regular contributors to the Leadership Pack is Meike Beckford with her Highlights from an MBA series Meike has not only successfully completed her MBA but did so with a Distinction! Our congratulations. Recently Meike facilitated the HR Department’s Growth Strategy 2021-24 sessions. During one of the webinars Meike took us through Stakeholders Analysis. I have always placed significant importance on understanding Stakeholders contributions and attitudes to the success of a project. I found the model Meike used so effective, I asked her if she would share this and Meike has kindly agreed. Thank you Meike.

Each month I eagerly await a new article for the Leadership Pack from Roger Whalley. This month is no exception with ‘A man called Dale’ “This book started me on a path of understanding people and what makes them tick. It has the rather banal title of “How to win friends and influence people” On the strength of Roger’s piece I now have this book on order.

Nick Ruddle from ActionCoach kindly agreed to share his article on How to manage virtual teams in a pandemic. “As the business world continues to adjust to the new normal brought on by the COVID 19” thank you Nick.

Have you ever failed at something? ‘Fail and Fail big’ is an article (written in 2014) about something that happened to me in the 1980s. Failure can be good as it can make you stronger as a person and a leader. You will have to read the blog post towards the end of this edition to find out how.

This month’s quotes have been taken from my wife’s @JoyceRaw1 and @livelikearaw twitter feeds – thanks Joyce.

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