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June 2021

(15th Anniversary Year editions)

2006 – 2021

I would like to begin this month’s ‘edition by congratulating our lead contributor, Damian Piper on being awarded the CBE in the Queen’s Birthday honours List.  Fantastic news and much deserved, Damian. 

Highlights in this month’s edition:

Damian provides us with two excellent articles this month:

1.  Aggregation of marginal losses? ‘.  It gets talked about less because I guess it can create quite a negative conversation.  I’m all for focusing conversations in a positive context however for some people this means they miss out on the understanding of the stuff they do which can get in their way”

2.  “Where are you operating from?”  Expectations vs Reality.

An article from Joyce (my wife) for National Carers Week:  Being Bettina’s Mum – Back in the Real World  “Our greatest fear was what would happen if Bettina caught Covid?  The media advised that drastic measures would be taken in the event of hospitalisation, including the bar on family members attending the hospital and that patients, including the most vulnerable of our community, would have to face being admitted and treated alone.  How would we explain that to Bettina?”

One from me:   KEEPING A PERSPECTIVE – THIS TOO SHALL PASS  “It is snowing outside, and I am carrying an injury.  I have flu like symptoms, and I am about to go for a nine-mile run.  Joyce, my wife tells me I should give it a miss today.  “But Joyce you don’t understand if I miss a run it is going to affect my time when I race at the weekend; the team need the points; there is a trophy on the line and I am the captain.”  I am pretty sure I hear Joyce murmur “Diva” and then “Prima Donna”.  Do you sometimes get things out of perspective?”

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