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June 2021

(15th Anniversary Year editions)

2006 – 2021

Highlights in this month’s edition:

Damian Piper our Resiliance Coach shares a timely article with us:  ‘Working arrangements as we come out of lockdown’   “Across the United Kingdom the respective parliaments and assemblies are working through the approach to returning to life when Covid rules and legislation are removed.  This is part learning to live with Covid as of our everyday lives. In the words of Boris Johnson taking “personal responsibility” with Covid still present.  As it has done since March 2020 this divides opinion as to what is and is not acceptable. This I imagine is something that will continue and therefore worth preparing ourselves for”  Here are Damian’s observations………

Recently I have been reading several posts on LinkedIn, from soldiers who are coming towards the end of their service career and wondering what to do next.  The advice I always give?  ‘Do the work you were always meant to do’ “My stiff shirt collar is chaffing against my neck as I rush to work (I’m late)  through the Victorian Shop Arcade that leads to our offices.  Now I am at the end of the arcade, up a few steps, turn immediately right and, as I push through the door, I am greeted by my team.  I am the Chief Clerk of a firm of solicitors. This is the field of work I was obviously never meant to enter, as this is part of a recurring dream I have had for many years.”

The last article in this month’s edition is from me ‘….What Bettina taught me when supporting a person with a learning disability’  A question I am often asked since leaving the Army to support people with a learning disability has been “I suppose getting involved in this work has helped you support your daughter, Bettina with her care?”  I remember being asked this question by a fellow Area Manager when we met up for lunch some years ago.  I found myself saying “actually it is the other way around.” 

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