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2006 – 2021

Highlights in this month’s edition:

Damian Piper our Resiliance Coachstarts this month editionwith: ‘Learning from toast’… ‘We’ve all done it. Forgotten the toast under the grill and ended up with something less than appetising. So, what leadership lesson can we learn from the humble slice of toast?  …………… All too often in leadership positions we overlook the most basic elements of what we and the people we work with need. Unfortunately, unlike burnt toast it’s not so obvious when things haven’t gone to plan. Have you experienced or witnessed any of these in your career?……….’ to find out please check out the rest of Damian’s article.

A new blog post in my ‘Being Bettina’s Dad series ‘Adapt and Overcome’  ‘Bettina coming into our lives (in Berlin) and her diagnosis of autism and a learning disability at a very early age did not phase us as a family, after all  “adapting and overcoming” is what we do.  Bettina has taken adapting and overcoming to a new level for me, as almost on a daily basis I learn something new from ‘B’ that helps me become more resilient and opens my eyes to more opportunities…………’

The final article is ‘Then and now: 20 leadership lessons I wish I could have passed on to a younger me’ (originally published 21 October 2014)  I have just shared this article on LinkedIn and it has already received 650+ views so I thought it  was worth sharing with you too.  What lessons would you pass on to your younger self?

This month I have crammed in presentations, articles, master classes, tops tips on everything from Delegating to dealing with Chinese Whispers,  I hope you will find this month’s edition your most important leadership and wellbeing resource.

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