(15th Anniversary Year editions)
2006 – 2021
Highlights in this month’s edition:

Damian Piper our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with: Wiping up a storm “Claire has had by many people’s standards a strong career. Working in a variety of organisations People Directorates she has steadily developed and every couple of years taken on more responsibility. Life over the last five years or so has got increasingly harder for Claire. More (and more…) demands for her time, pressure on resources and growing expectations of what good looks like……..” Claire’s situation resonate with you?

‘Values in Action’ 25 years ago I started a second career in social care supporting people in a Victorian Institution “I knew what my values were (and they haven’t changed) but did I know what the values were of the organisation I was going to work for (in 1996) and if they had them, did they demonstrate them towards the people they support? I have recently been invited by a couple of my colleagues to deliver a presentation to our team on ‘Values’. Now is a good time to reflect before I put my talk together.

Some years ago I attended an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) event with one of the UK’s first leadership guru’s John Adair. John’s leadership concept of Action Centred Leadership (ACL) was shared with the wider public in the early 1970s. However within the Army; John was a regular speaker at RMA Sandhurst from the 1960s. Nearly 50 years on ACL is still vital and should be meaningful to us all as leaders. I hope you enjoy the piece included in this edition.

The final article in this month’s edition: ‘My running experience 1981 – 2021 One step (or stride) at a time’ I was extremely flattered to be asked by Justin Smith, Operations Manager, Thera East Anglia (TEA) to share my running experiences, on TEA’s Facebook page to recognise International Fitness Day.

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