(15th Anniversary Year editions)

2006 – 2021

Highlights in this month’s edition:

Damian Piper our Resiliance Coach starts this month edition with: ‘Information in the feeling’  “Each day we will experience a whole range of emotions and feelings.  Some we have a tendency to like and some a tendency to make us feel uncomfortable”   “When you get that thought, which drives some uncomfortable feelings instead of pushing it away ask yourself the question “what’s the information in this feeling?”.  I read Damian’s article in ‘Homebase’ car park while Joyce was checking out the DIY stuff.  The first thing I said to Joyce on her return was, I need to take Damian’s advice and I need to re-read his article until it is embedded within in my mind. 

Last month I wrote ‘Values in Action’ Values in Action – Leadership in the Raw  This month I would like to share with you again Meike Beckford’s excellent  Giving Voices to Values’ article which inspired me to write my post Meike wrote this piece during her time as Lead Director for Dosh Ltd.  Meike is now Head of Impact Management for Thera Trust.

‘12 Habits of Genuine People’  By Travis Bradberr ‘Genuine people have a profound impact upon everyone they encounter. In this article, originally published on LinkedIn Pulse, Dr. Travis Bradberry unveils the unique habits that cause them to radiate with energy and confidence.”

And finally, the last two articles:  ‘How to become enchanting’ from Guy Kawasaki.  ‘Guy believes you can use a process to improve relations with people – to enchant them instead of sell, promote or bludgeon them into submission.  He says Enchantment is about creating a voluntary, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationship of support and loyalty‘ and my article ‘Enchanting by being fascinating and delightful’ is from the ‘Being Bettina’s Dad’ series.  Bettina enchants everyone she comes into contact, every day.

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