January 2022
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Welcome to this month’s edition.
Happy New Year and I hope you had a good Christmas. Everything about this edition is aimed at supporting you to have the best year ever.

Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with: “I’ve just reread my article ‘Same storm, different boat’ from January 21. It feels like I could repost it and it be as relevant one year on as it was then. Covid themed, it talks about the need to recognise that people respond differently to the same event. A year on, I’m going to approach the Covid subject from a different angle……..”

From me: “Bettina sits quietly in class alongside other pupils. There is a boy sitting next to her who is becoming increasingly distressed. Without turning Bettina reaches out to him and strokes his hand, despite verbal language being a challenge for Bettina, she soothingly says “it’s ok” “it’s ok” as her school mate calms, he says “thank you Bettina”. ‘Bettina’s Kind Heart’

Influence: lessons from business for teaching. Sam Pullan one of our subscribers has kindly given me permission to publish his article. “Car dealers. Marketing executives. Phone companies. Waiters. Teachers. What do we all have in common? We all want people to do what we want. Buy stuff, read stuff, eat stuff, do stuff, don’t do stuff, do stuff differently.”

From Justin Smith, Operations Manager for Thera East Anglia: ‘Anyone can lead when the plan is working The best leadership is when the plan falls apart’. “Around 19 months ago, life changed for all of us when the current pandemic started, and although we still had in place our plans to support people with a learning disability, it felt a little like parts of the plan fell apart. We were faced with all kinds of challenges:………….”

Meike Phillips brings this article to our attention: “100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying”

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