April 2022
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Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with: ‘Searching for the key or doing the basics brilliantly?’ “When coaching people, they are in pursuit of something – developing themselves, managing a transition and pursuing health goals are all examples. Often with the pursuit comes the idea that there are big things that they need to find to help their journey. Sometimes there are…………” I am just about to receive a series of coaching sessions; your article will help me focus on the ‘basics’ thanks Damian.

‘My 3 Least and Most Favourite Questions…’ from one of my favourite leadership authors, David Taylor. I am still thinking about the third question.

From me: ‘The 3rd Leadership Lesson I learned – Surround yourself with Talent’ “Standing in front of a room full of colleagues, I am about to open the Dosh (Financial Advocacy) Ltd conference as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary as a company. I look around the room and sense the anticipation, enthusiasm, and energy. Once more I am surrounded by talent….”

Influence: lessons from business for teaching, part 4 by Sam Pullan “Car dealers. Marketing executives. Phone companies. Waiters. Teachers. What do we all have in common? We all want people to do what we want. Buy stuff, read stuff, eat stuff, do stuff, don’t do stuff, do stuff differently. It’s not always easy, though……..” thank you Sam I have thoroughly enjoyed our series and thank you for your kind permission to share your articles in our Leadership Pack.

Leadership & Common Sense: A perfect marriage! By Joyce Raw. “If you have been involved in leadership in any capacity, you will be aware of that old chestnut “Leadership….nature or nurture?” Do we think that leaders are born, or do we think that leaders are/can be created? Will we ever agree on a definitive answer?” PS. Joyce is my Life and Work Coach.

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