May 2022
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Welcome to this month’s edition.

Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with: What got you here won’t get you there “I like the expression ‘what got you here won’t get you there’. I first came across it in Marshall Goldsmith’s book of the same name. This is the acknowledgement that something that has served us well could get in our way as we progress in our careers. As much as I like it, I also think it’s worth challenging what this relates too.” An important piece and as Damian mentioned in his article “Like all the content of my articles. To read them is not enough. If a topic resonates with you then taking action is key.”

From me ‘Being Bettina’s Dad – LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP’ (Always Achieving) “Faced by six people forming a horseshoe shape as an interview panel as they fire questions at me from all angles (to which I think I am managing to give suitable replies) comes the ‘killer’ question. What happens if the people you support are not making progress? (How would you feel?). I am being interviewed for the role of a Community Support Team Leader, my first appointment of my second career following 24 years in the Army.”

By David Sandell, Creative Director & Joint MD Triad Limited. Charisma isn’t always enough. “I often wonder if I had trusted my instincts at an earlier age, whether I might have achieved more in life. I’ve always considered myself slightly introvert, which may surprise some that know me. Being introverted may well have held back many successful people in their early years, until they decided to step forward; like so many things in life it is often simply confidence that opens doors.” I had the good fortune to share a ‘billet’ with David during my first career. There have been three or four people who have had a profound effect on my outlook on life and David is one of those.

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