June 2022

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Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with:  Getting the benefits of Empowerment  “Our leadership don’t empower us”.  “This was the expression I recently heard when working with a team. Workforce empowerment is a topic that has increasingly made its way into leadership approaches over the last 10 years.”  “So, if you want to empower your team there are range of conversations and considerations you will need to work through.  Here’s a few to get you started………”  another essential read from Damian.

From me ‘You don’t have to be the one who is always inspiring.’ It is always an honour and a privilege to receive an invitation to attend a leadership workshop, especially if it comes from a company you admire.  I received a recent invite from the senior managers of Thera East Anglia, a company who support adults with a learning disability.  They had organised a day for their first line supervisors (Senior Support Workers).

Justin Smith  Leadership with volunteers  “I think about leadership a lot, and recently I have been thinking about the leadership of volunteers/ leading in voluntary organisations. Surely it is harder to lead in an organisation or venture where the people who do the work are there because they want to be, and not because they are being paid (even when they still might want to be any way)? How does a leader keep things fresh, inspire, ensure that volunteers do not get bored and slip away?”

Being Bettina’s Dad – Bettina’s approach to Decision Making. “When interviewing candidates for Dosh www.dosh.org  I am always willing them to respond with the perfect answers which will help them achieve maximum points.  Sitting across from a candidate during a recent series of interviews, I asked the question “what is your approach to decision making?” – on paper it looks straight forward as we probably make more than 100 decisions a day without analysing our approach on how we make those decisions…. “  

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