July 2022
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Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with: Experience, Recalibrate and Appreciate “Each month as I think about what to write for Steve’s Leadership pack, I use things that have happened to me personally or things I have observed when working with others for my inspiration. The last month for me has been dominated by one thing. Covid. Like so many I have become part of the latest round of stats…….”
I am super pleased to be able to share another article written especially for our Leadership Pack by Jonny Rudge the Head of Fundraising for Thera Trust www.thera.co.uk CPD – Avoiding the Vampires! “……….Hearing ‘Continuous Professional Development (CPD)’ often triggers an immediate, involuntary response from people. For many, it will be a groan or a sigh as they imagine an uninspiring, mandated session (most recently a webinar-style format where you passively listen to 2 or 3 presenters for a couple of hours) and they feel like they’ve already seen variations on the content a thousand times before. For others though, it will be a bit of giddiness at the opportunity to learn something new or mix with people who have similar professional interests………”

And from me ‘Being Bettina’s Dad – Being a Carer’ “As I write this article, I have just received an invite by MacIntyre Families https://www.macintyrecharity.org/ to be interviewed for a podcast. MacIntyre Families work with “all families ,siblings and circles of support to ensure voices are being heard, understood & importantly working together.” “So immediately I had started thinking of the answers to potential questions and writing an article I could share which may help other carers and people who have an interest in supporting people………”

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