August 2022

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Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with:  Too busy to break? “The summer months for many mark the point in the year when they take a well-earned break from work.  Whilst I’m seeing more worrying examples (at least to me) of people wanting to take their work with them on holiday, I’d say there is still more acceptance that taking an extended break is important and beneficial……”

I am again pleased to be able to share another article written especially for our Leadership Pack by Jonny Rudge the Head of Fundraising for Thera Trust   “Vampires Part 2 – Listening and Being Open to Changing Your Mind”  “…….I found myself in leadership roles fairly early on in my career, largely because I was self-employed and then in a partnership, growing a team to develop that business. In those early days, people wanted me to make decisions rather than canvass their opinions…….”

From me:  ‘The fourth leadership lesson I learned  ‘Self – Respect’ “Have you ever started a journey and you are not sure how it will end?  On the 12th of September 1972, I boarded a specially commissioned train at Darlington Station for Kings Cross in London.  I was one of hundreds of 15 and 16-year-olds joining the Army that day.  We were heading for various Junior Leaders Battalions…….”

Another one from me: ‘Bettina’s approach to Decision Making’  When interviewing candidates for  I am always willing them to respond with the perfect answers which will help them achieve maximum points. Sitting across from a candidate during a recent series of interviews, I asked the question “what is your approach to decision making?” – on paper it looks straight forward as we probably make more than 100 decisions a day without analysing our approach on how we make those decisions, so perhaps this is the reason some of our candidates get a stuck on a response.  As I ask the question, I wonder how I would respond if I was the candidate?

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