November 2022

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Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with managing the gap “As I write this article it’s Saturday 12th November.  A day sandwiched between Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday.  Both those days offer an opportunity to remember and reflect on the huge sacrifices given for us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.  Of course, it’s easy to lose this perspective as we get caught up in the pounding surf of the challenges in our 2022 everyday lives.  This month’s article is about managing the gap between the stimulus and our response to those challenges.”

Simon Bailey is the Managing Director of LSP leadership and a much valued member of our Leadership network ‘Innovative Ways YOU CAN Create a More Sustainable World’ I highly recommend taking in his podcast.   

Justin Smith, Operations Manager for Thera East Anglia:  Kindness in Leadership “A recent conversation with a CSL (Community Support Leader (Manager)) got me thinking about the concept of kindness in leadership.”

From me The Fifth Leadership Lesson I learned – Be more organised’  “Sports kit on/sports kit off” bellowed the Platoon Sergeant and 30 of us rushed out of our accommodation block, only to rush back in, and get changed into our NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) kit.  This is what was called a ‘change parade’ and part of reconstructing our personalities and characters (for the better in my case)……”

Being Bettina’s Mum: Care to Communicate? By Joyce Raw  “……How do you communicate with someone who appears not to understand what you are trying to say, or for whom verbal communication is like a foreign language? How do you communicate with someone who has an impairment which puts obstacles in the way of being understood?”

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