The Christmas Special Annual

2006 – 2022

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I would especially like to thank everyone who sends me wonderful messages about both the Leadership & Engagement pack and blog posts ‘Being Bettina’s Dad’ series.  Your emails make my day!  Thank you for your support.

The ‘Christmas Annual’ includes a piece from each month, working backwards through the year.  A new article from our Resilience Coach, Damian Piper ‘December 22 – And another thing…’   Damian’s articles ‘book-end’ this special edition. 

Please remember to dream!

Your job is the dream of the unemployed

Your house is the dream of the homeless

Your smile is the dream of the depressed

Your health is the dream of those who are sick

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity

Find something to be grateful for and never forget to dream

Courtesy of Jane Moss

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It’s not about how good you are 

It’s how Good You want to be