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Welcome to this month’s edition.

Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with:  ‘anger is a volatile fuel’ “As part of my morning routine, I listen to or read a short Stoic passage. It is helpful to get myself grounded and my mind thinking about the day ahead.  Sometimes the passage will resonate with a particular challenge or get me thinking about something completely different.  Both are helpful. One of the passages this week was on the topic of anger….”

From me…… ‘Creating Opportunities’ “ Have you ever had one of those conversations that completely changes your direction, one of those conversations that you remain thankful for decades after it happened? I was 19 years old, and it was another hot day in the summer of 1976. I was walking aimlessly around Depot 90, an ammunition depot in Sennelager (Germany) when I started chatting to another young soldier about how bored I was…….”

One of my articles ‘Leaders Lean Back” was recently picked up by Centre for Army Leadership’ (The Centre of Excellence for British Army Leadership and Leader Development Strategy.) and received this feedback:

“A great example of Mission Command in action here – operating with controlled autonomy and freedom of action, underpinned by a culture of decentralised trust.”

The Centre of Army Leadership wish to include it in their book they are putting together. Leaders Lean Back, has been my leadership philosophy in both my careers and I have included this article again in this month’s edition.

Look out for two important recommendations from our Leadership Community: Simon Bailey and Elizabeth Lichten. Thank you, Simon, and Elizabeth. 

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