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Welcome to this month’s edition.  Our highlights include:

Damian Piper CBE our Resilience Coach starts this month edition with  the two-minute ‘rule’  “Today I want to talk about a simple behaviour that is often overlooked but can have a significant impact on our productivity, performance, and overall well-being. I’m talking about the 2 Minute Rule…….”

Rebecca Alexander The F Factor – how to respond when life gets tough’  “How do you respond when a crisis hits? Are you a roll up your sleeves and go all in ‘fixer’? Or do you prefer to step back and wait for more information before you act?

How we behave in challenging situations links directly to our fight or flight response. When our brains sense a threat, they prime us to either stay and fight the attacker, or to run from the danger…..”

From me The 7th Leadership Lesson I learned – Keeping a Momentum  “If asked “what has been my greatest fear in both my careers (and my running)” I always respond with “it is the fear of losing my momentum.”  So, how do you maintain your momentum?

By Sam Pullan who is the Assistant Head (Executive Operations), Highgate School, London “The mundanity of excellence   Or, we are what we repeatedly do. I was recently introduced to a new phrase: the mundanity of excellence.  (Thanks, Alex Richardson – @1917AndAllThat).  I love it and think it’s highly applicable to teachers.  Here’s why….

And finally, another article from me: Delivering Dosh Money Awareness Training  we recently delivered in Scotland and Cambridgeshire. 

There is lots more content.  So, let’s dive in….

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