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Coaching and Mentoring – April 2019

Welcome to the Leadership Pack (April 2019) Damian Piper, our Performance coach and consultant, starts this edition with Beyond SMART. Following on from last months theme of feedback, Damian thought he would focus this month’s article on some thoughts about working with an individual who is taking forward an objective on your behalf. Good timing Damian,… Read More ›

Being Bettina’s Dad – The gift that keeps giving

We are coming to the end of our coffees and, in Bettina’s case, hot chocolate. It is a Sunday morning and you can always find us in a café before the weekly shop. Joyce (my wife) is giving me serious eye contact which I am returning back to her. It feels like a face off,… Read More ›

Coaching and Mentoring – February 2019 Leadership Pack

Welcome to the Coaching and Mentoring – February 2019 Leadership Pack From Damian Piper, our Performance coach and consultant: Time for high-quality questions?  “Being able to ask high-quality questions of ourselves and others is a skill worth developing” The first article in this month’s edition and also the first post I always look forward to reading…. Read More ›


My Story There is a certain point in the morning that if I walk down to the book shop, I will pass the security check point at ‘Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe’ (SHAPE) where new arrivals have to show their ID cards to the international military police. It’s November 1983 and I am hoping to… Read More ›

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