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Being Bettina’s Dad: Bettina’s Code of Conduct

In our family we each have a code of conduct, but we all work and support Bettina’s code of conduct. 

Being Bettina’s Dad: Today we go again

One of the many lessons Bettina has taught me, that I strive to include in my life, is that no matter what has gone on in her world the day before, when she wakes up to Joyce’s knock on her bedroom door she is ready ‘to go again’

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

When being takes over blogging

When we are young we have little, or no, sense of time slipping through our fingers. We cannot imagine what it will be like to get older, have responsibilities or feel a sense of mortality – which is absolutely how it should be.

Finding Dory – it was a team effort!

Finding Dory, as you may know, is the latest Pixar film which we all enjoyed as a family on a visit to the cinema. This was especially a favourite of Bettina’s as we had watched the trailers on YouTube numerous times. During our recent holiday in Whitby, we took the opportunity to buy Bettina a Finding Dory balloon filled with helium.

Joyce - being Bettina's mum

Positive Vibes – A Way of Life

Being positive, and creating positive vibes for those around you, is a way of life. It is a choice anyone can make, despite the adversities they face, it is not a secret. There is no trick. So, how is it done and where do you start?

Being Bettina’s Dad and being married to Bettina’s Whisperer

In the late 1980s, Autism was not as well known or shared as it is today. When it came to explaining the condition Bettina was coping with to family and friends, we often resorted to asking if they had seen ‘Rain Man’, a ground breaking film at the time with Dustin Hoffman.

Steve Raw

The Art of Reinvention

I love life. I want to be the best I can be and even as I approach 60 I still think my best years are ahead of me. So why do I feel the need to reinvent myself and how will it help me become the man Joyce wants me to be?

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