By Joyce Raw

When we are young we have little, or no, sense of time slipping through our fingers.  We cannot imagine what it will be like to get older, have responsibilities or feel a sense of mortality – which is absolutely how it should be.  We ignore the wise words of our elders about time speeding by faster the older you get and about seeking life experiences whilst we still can!  It is only when you get older you suddenly hear yourself imparting those words to the young.  It is probably the moment when you suddenly hear your Mother’s words coming out of your own mouth!  Ideally, we should be so busy living that this scenario just creeps up on us and I like to think that this is how it has been for me.  In fact, I have been so busy “being”  for the best part of last year that it has prompted the question several times over the months as to when will I be doing another blog post.  I have also been asked whether the blog will be for my blog site or for you-know-who’s blog site!

This sort of question does, of course, set the cogs whirring.  Whilst I do like putting my thoughts down on paper; enjoy sharing my wisdom (mostly unsolicited!) with anyone willing to listen and advise, mentor and coach unstintingly, the plain truth of the matter is that I have been so busy “being” that it has pushed the blogging further down the list and I have come to the happy conclusion that I am okay with that.

However, whilst I appreciate that many bloggers do so because they have a product to sell and blogging is a way of getting their product on the market and raising their business profile, I do feel that “being” can also be helpful.  Taking a few steps back from striving to get your message out there can be liberating, enable clarity and keep your customers keen!

Although I have not been a prolific blogger from the start, here are some of the advantages I have gained:

  • Less pressure to produce my words on a regular basis
  • Space to consider the direction I am going in with my blog
  • Time to get my thoughts down on paper
  • Chance to take some time out for myself (selfish I know!) when I am not busy as a wife, mother and carer
  • Time to reflect on and fine tune current ideas

Being, and not blogging, has also given me the opportunity to think more deeply about my family and appreciate how their responsibilities affect their daily lives; appreciate their successes and where I can support them in the coming new year.

Now, I know that you are thinking that it’s okay for me, after all blogging is not my main source of income, so what’s in it for you if you take a step back?  Well, this is how I think it will be of benefit to you:

  • Taking a break could refresh your blog page. Some of the blogs I follow can sometimes make me feel that I am reading the same thing over and over again and it becomes boring (no, not you
  • Your followers will think that you have been away doing exciting things and will want to read about them
  • Your friends and family will enjoy you being “present” and not be worried that the latest party, family gathering etc is going to end up as the topic of your latest blog
  • You will not be constructing sentences in your head all the time as to how you are going to write up your blog
  • You will be able to go back to doing things you enjoy, such as reading, gardening, socialising or just find a space to sit and reflect or clear your mind.
  • Enjoy the benefits I have gained from taking a break (see above list).

So, while I start 2017 with the best intentions and aim to blog more often, I know you will understand if I disappear into the ether on occasion.

My very best wishes to all of you for 2017.

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