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Inspiring our future leaders at CharityWorks

20 Top Tips – For New Leaders

Recently I was trying to decide which would be the subject of my next blog post. Would it be a ‘Being Bettina’s Dad post ‘One of Us, One of Us’ or my take on supporting and managing a talent management pipeline? Then I received a message from a former colleague, who is part of our… Read More ›

Make 2018 your best year yet!

At the start of each year (since 1988), instead of making resolutions (who keeps those?), I make commitments.  The very word means that you are going to commit to a course of action (there is no going back!).

Bettina and Steve at Whitby, throwing pebbles

Leadership pack (July)

Welcome to the July edition of the leadership pack.

Leadership pack (March)

Welcome to the March edition of the Leadership Pack.

Getting competitive with a social conscience

I want to be the very best I can be, not just for the odd race but in all aspects of my life and with a social conscious too, which means helping someone else up at the same time

Be kind to yourself in 2017

We want to be the best leaders we can be and we want to make a difference to the people we support. The trouble is we are often our own biggest critics – we are often too hard on ourselves and I am not sure that is always a good thing?

Prepare for lift off in 2017!

Resolutions? Let’s face it, more often than not we don’t keep them. So let’s change the word to ‘Commitments’.

A different approach to problem solving….

When it comes to leadership we all have tried and tested tools that we use to solve problems. I would like to share with you one tool that I have used as a leader and also in my everyday communication with others.

Reach your potential, then go further!

At 33yrs old I had not reached my potential with my running and I was determined to do so, hell I was going to go further than my potential. I was only going to do this by training with people who were better than me. As a leader, coach, mentor and a trainer, I feel that supporting people to reach their potential is a key aspect of leadership.

Top tips

Leadership pack (May)

Welcome to the May leadership pack. I have again included a couple of my blogs posts from and both are from my series; ‘Being Bettina’s Dad’. Bettina is a major source of inspiration (as is my other daughter Jennifer).

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