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Then and now

Then and now: 20 leadership lessons I wish I could have passed on to a younger me

I have had the pleasure, and privilege, of delivering project management training to 2014/15 Charityworks cohort as part of their management programme. They are graduate trainees now, but I know they will be our future senior managers, directors and leaders in social care in the future. The time I have spent with them has helped… Read More ›

1985 Winning commando log race team

24 leadership lessons from 24 years in the Army

Did you get to fulfill your childhood dream? I did! How lucky am I?  And you know what? I am still incredibly grateful for the experience, 18 years after retiring from the Army. I joined a Junior Leaders Battalion in 1972 ‘passing out’ into the regular Army in 1974, and then retiring in 1996. I… Read More ›

30 leadership lessons from 30 years of running and athletics

(And 10 Top Tips to get you started) During my first career in the Army there was an expectation that you would keep yourself fit.  After all, we were expected to do a number of tests annually which required running.  However, it was not until I went on holiday to Hawaii when I came across… Read More ›

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