Leadership stuff I have learned over the last 40 years is that you can make a big difference just by doing something that doesn’t take much to do. It can have a big impact on those you work with and those you support.

The aim of this blog is to help you on your leadership journey. These tips may prompt you to reflect, or may help you to audit what you already do:

  1. No matter how you are feeling in the morning before going into work, when you arrive at work get your game face on before you enter the premises. Look as though you mean business, adopt a positive approach in your first contact with your colleagues, start with a smile. Do this and it will naturally give you a positive mind-set.
  2. Recently, I read some research which confirmed something I have long suspected. When you are in a group and your group are asked questions, make sure you are the first to respond.  People who do this are assumed to be the leader.  This works in meetings too.
  3. Be the one who takes a step forward when you are in a situation or you face a challenge. The clue is in the word ‘leadership’ so lead and be the one who is in front.
  4. Slow down to speed up. Hurrying and flapping will not help you meet your objectives and reach your goals.  Slow down, take one task at a time and see it completed before you move on to the next objective.  You will be amazed how quickly you work through your list of tasks and your colleagues will also see you as someone who is organised too.  Leadership stuff I have learned “It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants.  What are you industrious about?  Henry David Thoreau
  5. Dress to communicate. I think people can underestimate how important this is to a leader, someone who is trying to influence and communicate with those they support.  What is it you are trying to communicate?  What is the relationship you are trying to build?  Depending what I am doing and where I am going will dictate what I will choose to wear.  Top Tip from my wife, Joyce; it is always better to over dress than under dress!
  6. Learning from warnings is better than learning from mistakes!
  7. Think about what you consume during the course of the day. I have always found as a runner and athlete that your diet is critical to your performance and mood.  Additionally, if you want to enhance your performance and keep it at a high level throughout your day, then make sure you drink plenty of water.  I have read a number of studies which tell me that this will improve my performance by 30%
  8. Successful people get up three hours before they are due to start work. I would recommend within that three hours you are already doing some work which is meeting your objectives and goals for the day.
  9. Learn from the very best – Read at least one leadership book per month
  10. Please and Thank you. Good manners are everything and mean so much to the people you work with and those you support. It shows gratitude and respect

What leadership lessons have you learned over the years? Feel free to share them below or send me a tweet @DoshLtd.