Bettina at the Panto
Bettina at the Panto

I might have used the expression of being in Bettina’s Bubble in one of my previous posts about being Bettina’s Dad? It is an expression we often use in our family when we talk about being with Bettina. It is the sort of bubble which excludes your worries, your anxieties and it brings lots of fun. I love it – it is the best place to be!

So what is so special about being in Bettina’s Bubble? 

  • Well for starters, and what prompted this post, is that I have just been to see the new film ‘Paddington’ with Bettina. Paddington is one of her favourites and she has been reminding Joyce and me of the release date at the Cinema in Colchester for some time.  By the way I recommend the film as it is really really good:
  • You start using her expressions without thinking e.g. “ahh there you are” in the same musical tone that Bettina uses. Her big sister, Jennifer, used this one without thinking to a friend, much to her friend’s and Jennifer’s surprise!
  • You walk at Bettina’s pace – the world slows down for the both us.
  • You get to listen to new music – Bettina doesn’t understand what is in fashion or what is trending, she likes what she likes, so you can never predict what she will choose. On any one car journey I could end up listening to Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll, RnB and the soundtrack from the Muppets 2 Movie.  If she really likes a song you could hear it over and over again!
  • Bettina has an air of “innocence” about her, which is another way of saying “open minded” which she shares with you every day. When you are in Bettina’s Bubble you find your lost “innocence” of the world.
  • You get called some interesting names! Usually when she is a little irritated with me I am “Daddy Boy Steve”.
  • Calm – at an early age Bettina had to come to terms with her Autism. We could see it was painful for her, but she fought and won her battle, and with that came a calmness which comes with an aura that you also feel when you are in her bubble.
  • Bettina loves life – she gets the most out of it and she shares her journey with you.
  • Christmas is always magical with Bettina – this weekend we went to see a pantomime at the theatre wherer Jennifer works (New Wolsey in Ipswich, England) – I have included a picture of her at the Theatre – and watching Bettina’s reactions are as much fun as the performance! She loved it!!

So when the next time you see me with Bettina and I have a daft grin on my face, which will be 99.9% of the time, don’t worry as I am in Bettina’s Bubble!