Welcome to the September edition of the Leadership Pack.

I hope you had a good summer. For the Raw family we went to Whitby in August. One of the things I love about our holidays is that I get the opportunity to spend lots of time with Bettina my youngest daughter who copes with Autism and a Learning Disability – Bettina teaches me so much about life and inspires me everyday.For this edition I have included my recent blog post about Bettina and ‘Gratitude’ …hope you like it.

One of the ‘perks’ I from putting our Leadership Pack together is that I get to trawl through video presentations which I hope you will enjoy – I have included my top 3 from www.ted.com and they include: ‘The way we think about work is broken’, ‘How I learned to communicate my inner life with Asperger’s’ and  ‘Perspective is everything.’  Thought provoking and inspiring is how I felt after watching each one.  I hope you have a similar reaction.

I am in the fortunate position again to welcome two new Management Trainees to our Dosh team as they start their Leadership and Management careers it prompted me to reflect on both my careers over the last 40 years. What would I have done different, what lessons (in hindsight) would I have liked to pass on to a younger me?  Last year I wrote these lessons down and put them on my blog, I have updated it (just increased my age by one year!) and wanted to share it with you.  Hope it helps.

Don’t miss this ‘How to Cut Your Meetings by Half – In both Time and Number…  one of the best!

I hope this pack inspires you to be more and do more.

This month’s quotes have been taken from my wife’s @JoyceRaw1 twitter feed – thanks Joyce. I am also on Twitter:  @DoshLtd sharing leadership thoughts at 7am, 7 days a week. I welcome new followers!

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It’s not about how good you are,

It’s how good you want to be

Keep making a difference in people’s lives and have a successful month.

Steve Raw FinstLM, FCMI, GCGI