Welcome to the Leadership Pack May 2016.

Since our last edition, I have been delivering workshops and presentations across the country.  Standing in front of lots of people can be daunting if you are not prepared, or if it is something you do not do often.  I am constantly seeking out tips on how to be an effective speaker because you can always be better.  So in this month’s copy I have included a Ted.com presentation for you to watch, plus a couple of Top Tips pieces.

I have included three career masterclasses for you” DEAL WITH CRITICISM” – “APOLOGISING” – “CREATE A CAN-DO SPIRIT”  each one I think is essential reading for a leader

How to delight your Boss?  I have included some tips I try and practice everyday: read about what makes a great Boss.

My final article is a recent post I included on my blog www.leadershipintheraw.org it is about Emotional Intelligence: ‘Bettina’s Whisperer’.  If you are a regular reader, or know me, you will know that Bettina is one of my daughters.  Bettina  copes with learning disabilities and autism and is a constant source of inspiration for her family and those who are involved in her life.  However, one of her biggest challenges is her need to communicate with us and her world.  Through Bettina’s courage, and my wife’s (Bettina’s Whisperer) awesome leadership and emotional intelligence, Bettina communicates with us all.  I hope this article inspires you and that there is something in this piece that also resonates with you. (I have included a picture of Bettina and her ‘Whisperer’ in one of our favourite places – Whitby)

This month’s quotes have been taken from my wife’s @JoyceRaw1 twitter feed – thanks Joyce.  I am also on Twitter:  @DoshLtd sharing leadership thoughts at 7am, 7 days a week.  I welcome new followers!

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Keep making a difference in people’s lives and have a successful month. 

Steve Raw FinstLM, FCMI, GCGI



It’s not about how good you are,

Its how Good

You want to be